About Us

Daily Biz News is the brainchild of a few journalistic enthusiasts who always wanted to have a central place for finding and reading news. We wanted to build the website and maintain it without compromising any factor such as ethics, readability or the authenticity, for that matter. Our core motto is that Daily Biz News must be a website that people are confident to visit. They should not have to worry about fake news or sensational set of content when they read a particular piece of content. They should also not have to worry about whether we’ve used unauthentic sources or biased perception while writing this.

At Daily Biz News, we write news reports on various categories, such as business, tech, science, and health. In addition to these, there is some hybrid content as well. For instance, the tech and business industry have been blending for quite some time, and the Daily Biz News team has the right people to give you an option to oversee the transformation. Similarly, coming to health and science sector, we’ve got the best people to cover those articles. And, the team is not the only experience in journalism but also holds a stronger command over the English language. As we said, Daily Biz News doesn’t want to restrict access to the academics.

We write and publish our articles in the simplest manner possible, but without compromising the crispiness. At the end of the day, even if you skim the article, you will have a clear idea about the update that we are trying to convey. That’s also the reason why we keep the article length to around 300 words, no matter how bigger and comprehensive the coverage can be. When you come home after work and sit on the couch, you would love to finish reading news in five minutes or so, right? And, you can trust Daily Biz News when you like to do that without worrying about authenticity.