Apple Claims Google Researchers of Fueling Fear About iPhone Security Concerns

It seems like Apple is upset from the latest report from Google. Recently, Google’s security researchers have revealed malicious websites used previously unknown security flaws in iOS to hack into devices over the past two years. While Apple does not dispute the research, it claims Google of fueling fear among all users that iPhones had been compromised. All the things are due to the omission of key details in Google’s blog post. While replying for the same, Apple has published a statement on Friday.

Being defensive, the iPhone maker said, the sophisticated attack was narrowly focused, not a broad-based exploit of iPhones ‘en masse’ as detailed in the post. It noted the hacked websites used to manipulate the breaches numbered less than a dozen. Even more, the post mainly focused on content related to the Uyghur community. It is a Muslim ethnic group from Western Xinjiang region of China. Apple said Google’s post builds the deceptive image of mass exploitation to keep an eye on the personal activities of entire populations in real-time. The company says that was not the case at all. Even more, the smartphone maker has opposed the search engine giant’s claims about the duration of attacks. Apple noted proof reveals that these attacks remained working for a short period, around sixty days. So it is not the case of two years as Google implies in its post.

The iPhone maker added it had fixed the openings in February, i.e., ten days after it found the vulnerability. Apple also noted that when Google came up with the flaw, they were already working on that issue. On the other hand, Google has also defended its findings. The search engine giant said Project Zero publishes technical research which it has developed to advance the insight of security vulnerabilities. The company notes it leads to better defensive strategies. Notably, Google stands behind its comprehensive research which researchers have scripted to focus on the technical aspects of these breaches. In the end, Google said it would continue to work with Apple and other leading tech giants to help keep people safe online.