Our Team

Aghili Brian – Writer
+1 440-602-6109

Aghili is the go-to person in the DailyBizNews team for technology references and content. He spends most of his time reading technology news and checking out new gadgets. The degree in Computer Science has given him not just the basic idea about how things works but also an extensive perspective on the usability of many new things in the world of tech.

Christopher Bourque – Sr. Writer
+1 440-602-6106

Christopher has been working in the journalism industry for five years. A business graduate before, he takes an impressive effort to understand the market happenings and predict what is ahead. You can trust Christopher as it comes to writing authentic news reports that cover business and more. When not writing, Christopher can be seen among a few cups of coffee.

Jimmie Hess – Sr. Writer
+1 440-602-6107

Jimmie is the senior correspondent and writer in the health sector of DailyBizNews. He has been working in the world of writing for a few years, but he has been interested in health and medicine from even before. Before joining the editorial team of DailyBizNews, Jimmie had worked for a few health blogs. He is a big fan of books, movies and travels.

Joseph York – Sr. Editor
+1 440-602-6108

Joseph is a science enthusiast at its core, but he tries to have a perspective on all things technical. He has been handling the Science section of DailyBizNews for quite some time, but we also see a guy who loves sci-fi books and movies. If not in front of his working desk, you can spot Joseph among a pile of books or a few Kubrick films.